1. After you’re logged in you will see an Admin Bar on the top of your page, hit Customize then a left side bar will popout.
  2. Find the Slider selection and tick on “Show Slider”, scroll to the buttom you can select “Posts with a tag” then type in the tag below in the box.

3. Go to Posts and Add New post, type in your titles and content for your post.

4. Upload the image you want to set as a slider and set the height as 515px that’s the dimension for the homepage slider and tick on stretch, so the image will stretch to fill the slider.

5. Fill the excerpt box. The WordPress Excerpt is an optional summary or description of a post. In this case, will be the short description on your slider post.

6. Remember you set the slider tag “slider”? Here’s the time to add the tag.

7. Publish. VOILA!!!