First, write down your page title, i.e: About us/ Our Work…etc, then to fill your page content in the bigger box. As you can see there are some icons above the toolbar:

  1. Add Media: You can select images/ video from your computer and upload it to your post. If you do have videos that you want to show on your page/ post, I’d recommend inserting codes so when the visitors of your site won’t take too long to load the pages.
  2. Add Projects: To insert short code of your projects to here, so your projects will be shown here.
  3. Add Teams: Short code for your team, you can choose from the category of whom to be shown on this page.
  4. Add FAQs: Short code for your FAQs to be shown on this page.
  5. Add Donate: Short code for your donate grid.
  6. Add Participate: Short code for your participate grid/ list.